Blueroan Infotech, Website Maintenance Company

Terms of Service

Bankable Hours

Unused hours are stored for up to 12 months. Although rare because of the proactive nature of the Blueroan Infotech service, hours not used after 12 months are lost. Clients are permitted to exceed their plan by up to one month's plan size before additional billing. Hours in excess of this provision are billed at $30/hr at the end of the calendar month. Hours immediately expire upon cancellation of any plan. Time is billed in 15-minute increments.

Online Ticket System

Easy submission of requests via direct email to Blueroan Infotech. Your email generates a traceable ticket and enters into a queue for rapid completion.

No Contracts

We like to say we earn your business each and every month. Our plans are month-to-month and can be upgraded or downgraded at any time. There are no refunds for time purchased.

Proactive Maintenance

Blueroan Infotech monitors your website for optimal performance. Website systems unique to your website installation will require regular updates or maintenance. When critical in nature - such as a security patch or a version update - this work is done immediately. Non-critical items are presented as a ticket for your approval prior to work being completed.

Rapid Response

Blueroan Infotech's goal is a maximum two-business-day turnaround on a task requiring less than 2 hours to complete. Many times tasks are done within minutes of being requested. In-person or onsite work is not available.

Time Tracking

Blueroan Infotech has a proprietary time accounting system that tracks all details of activities on your account. A report is available at any time upon request.

Multiple web sites?

Awesome! Time purchased can either span all your domains or be applied to individual domains as you require. We track all work and report time at the domain level. Additional standard website hosting is included. There is a maximum of 10 email accounts per maintenance plan. Additional email addresses are $1 per month each.