Blueroan Infotech, Website Maintenance Company

Web Designing & Development

Blueroan Infotech believes in delivering the best websites both visually and functionally. Our expertise in web designing, graphic designing and web development enables us to provide Custom websites, Responsive websites keeping in mind client business, requirements and goal. We make sure that the websites are Cross-browser compatible and Search engine friendly.

E-commerce & Shopping portals

Blueroan Infotech strength lies in building great e-commerce applications supported with backend database solutions which are both robust and scalable. We provide simple e-commerce solutions to complex B2B, B2C platforms with payment gateway integration, admin panels, caching mechanism, order management, SMS and email notifications, user account creations and maintenance, reviews and various other functionalities.

Media planning and execution

Giving the best ROI for the money spent is one of the top most priority at Blueroan Infotech. We have worked with most of the major media houses be it online or offline. Our Marketing and branding gurus can execute great campaigns for our clients making sure they get the best response for the money they spend. We make sure that based on the output expected we use online media, social media, outdoor media or a combination of either of them. Get in touch with us to make sure you are not wasting your money.

Search Engine Optimisation

At Blueroan Infotech we make sure that the client gets the Top ranking on Search engines. Our team is expert in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per click campaigns (PPC) and making sure clients rank at top on Google search engine, yahoo search engine and Bing search engine. We know how to put you on top on search engine for the keywords you target. We have realised that if done correctly and with some patience SEM can give you the better ROI then any other medium. Get in touch with us for quotations of your keywords.

Social Media Management

Want to manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Google Plus accounts. Blueroan Infotech does this, our Creative team will make sure that businesses are always talked about in the social media and all their customers are always responded and kept well informed. Blueroan Infotech also makes sure that we have a Unified campaign running accross websites and social media to give maximum returns. Facebook Ads are also as effective as Google Search so start using it, if you dont know how then contact us today.

Brand Building

Creating Brand is creating someones Identity. Blueroan Infotech has help build brand awareness both in Online as well as Local Markets. We are Google and Facebook partners. We make sure the clients get the maximum exposure at the lowest rate. Our creative teams comes up with some of the most innovative campaigns making sure that they get the best ROI for their money.